Peacock Theme Wedding

Non traditional weddings are happening more and more these days as brides want their day to be unique. Although it’s hard for everyone to have their own never been done before wedding, you can make it unique by making it personal. A peacock theme wedding can be beautiful with the right accessories, and the color scheme can be adjusted to whatever shade you want. Here are some ideas to get you started!

These colors can be masculine or feminine to please both sides of the wedding party. The shades can be adjusted depending on how bright or subtle you would prefer.

A wreath can be your main focus decoration or use them as table centerpieces at the reception.

Make this a lovely centerpiece or an elaborate cake topper, the colors are sure to grab everyone’s attention!

peacock cake
Image by Larry White from Pixabay

A peacock cake can be done many different ways, whether you prefer a lot of design or simplicity.

If your dress shows off your shoes a simple peacock feather will draw everyone’s eye. Make it personal by adding a vintage brooch from your grandmother.

Let your guests know the theme by decorating the invitations with a peacock feather and your main color.

Instead of a traditional veil, try a feather accessory that will work with any hairdo.

These boutineers are just masculine enough to keep your hubby happy.

A beautiful peacock bouquet will tie all of these decorations together nicely and the peacock feather will never dry out like flowers will.

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