How to Choose a Man’s Neck Chain

A chain around the neck is an essential attribute for any man, regardless of his age and profession. With the help of such a product, you can emphasize your style and status.

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Mens cuban link chain is the most popular jewellery option that almost every man resorts to, regardless of his taste preferences, profession and age category. With the help of such an accessory, you can emphasize your status, use the chain as an independent decoration or as an addition to a cross or a pendant.

Type of weaving

Chains can vary in their weaving: there are manual, machine, stamped variants. The way the product is created will have a direct impact on the value of the item.

In hand weaving, only the hands of the master are used. No technical devices take part in the creation process. Such accessories look original and can be called unique. However, the price category of such a chain will be noticeably higher compared to other options.

Photo by Houcine Ncib on Unsplash

Machine weaving is a process in which special equipment is involved. Stamping is a chain that is made up of different stamped elements. The parts are not sealed, so the product is not famous for reliability. Such chains have the most affordable price.


Which cuban link chain is better, thick or thin, depends not only on the wishes, but also on the physique of a man. For those who have a massive figure, you should pay attention to the large options. But this does not mean that you need to go and buy an anchor weave right away, the thickness of which is two fingers. It’s too rude and defiant.

When choosing a men’s chain, it is also necessary to pay attention to the metal from which the chain is made, as well as the type of links, in which style it is made.

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