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          red and blue wooden house near green trees
          Photo by Man Chung on Unsplash

          Flowers are an important element of backyard decoration. Flowers have always pleased both with their appearance and aroma. But if you plant without a plan, then you will not get a harmonious and well-groomed flower garden. There are some tips on how to plant flowers beautifully so that they harmonize with the design of the plot and bring joy until the end of the warm season.

          Autumn flower garden

          If you are afraid that the autumn nights will be too cold, then you can purchase flower garden pots. And if the forecast promises frosts, then you can easily bring this flower into the house.

          With the arrival of autumn, most of the flower beds become empty every day, as the flowers begin to wither. So that this picture does not spoil your garden, you need to think about which flowers you will have to bloom for the autumn period and until the frosts. Chrysanthemums, asters, phlox, dahlias are suitable for an autumn flower garden.

          You need to prepare seedlings in winter, and after the summer flowers bloom, plant the seedlings in the ground. You can also use flower pots and decorate the garden with flowers in this way.

          Scheme of planting flowers in a flower bed

          pink flowers on brown wooden pot
          Photo by Yoksel Zok on Unsplash

          If you do not think through and plan your flower garden in advance, then it will not look harmonious and beautiful in your backyard. To make it look beautiful, you need to follow a certain scheme, taking into account all the features of the plants that you are planting. So that you can already plant seedlings in the spring, you need to think about everything else in winter.

          Therefore, draw a plan of the arrangement of flower beds and pots on your site, then in the spring you will be able to create beauty.

          It is desirable to sow all the free space of the flowerbed with low-growing groundcover plants or lawn grass, which form a kind of carpet.


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