Real Estate Market Trends in Dubai

Dubai is known for its luxury and unique architecture. Here you can find many options for property projects from well-known developers who will provide you with comfortable living conditions.

Advantages of housing in the UAE capital

This is a warm, cozy place, which at the same time has a very high standard of living, so many people today choose this option for investment. The advantages of buying an apartment in this city are obvious:

  • High quality housing. Developers strive for excellence and use only the most advanced technologies and materials in their projects.
  • A wide selection. New buildings of various types and styles are represented on the real estate market. You will be able to choose an apartment according to your taste and requests.
  • Unique design. The architectural projects of the capital of the Emirates are known for their unusual shapes and magnificent design. Each project has its own unique feature that attracts the attention of buyers.
  • A profitable investment. Buying a property here is an excellent choice for investors.
luxury hotel in dubai
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Residential buildings in Dubai offer various types of apartments, from studios to luxury penthouses. Their cost depends on the area and configuration.

Buy an apartment in a new building in Dubai

There is not even a need today to personally go and choose options in a new building from a developer, since it is possible to make such investments remotely, and choose housing online. Qualified specialists of a real estate agency in Dubai can provide detailed descriptions, photos and even videos of suitable objects, and it remains only to make your choice and issue a contract of sale. This is suitable both for purchasing housing for your family and for investing in real estate, which can then be rented out to constantly receive a decent income.

New customer preferences in Dubai

The Dubai real estate market surprises with a change in buyers’ preferences. As statistics show, the apartment segment continues to gain popularity: if 40.3% of customers were interested in villas and townhouses, apartments became favorites among 59.7% of investors. At the same time, out of 59.7% of buyers, about 34% chose 2-bedroom apartments.

Experts expect that in the near future the segment of apartments will be even more in demand: especially taking into account the projects announced by developers.

Photo by Pontus Wellgraf on Unsplash

However, it is not obvious that villas will cease to be in demand. On the contrary, today villas and townhouses are gradually approaching the luxury segment, and this segment is very popular among wealthy investors from different countries.

A new trend in the Dubai market

Foreign investors who want to invest in the Dubai real estate market are looking for more than just premium properties. Now their interests are focused on branded residences, which are beginning to gain popularity.

Developers capture the needs of each buyer. Trying to meet the rapidly growing demand from investors, construction companies announce dozens of new off-plan projects every month, and many of them are created in partnership with world-famous brands.

Experts believe that two factors play a major role. First, these are long-term prospects: such residences will grow in price faster. Second, it is an additional trust that the brand has already earned.

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