What to Do in El Gouna Egypt & Hurghada for Family-friendly with Kids Morning?

I recommend for you the best tours suitable for children from one to 12 years old in Hurghada and El Gouna to enjoy with the family and have a wonderful and special vacation under the sunshine and discover the secrets of the Pharaohs.

  1. Valley Of The Kings Tour or Overnight Trip to Luxor.
  2. Hurghada To Pyramids Tour by Bus, Minvan.
  3. Orange bay Island Snorkeling Trip or Paradise Island.
  4. Dolphin House Snorkeling day Tour or Scuba Diving Boat Trip for beginners.
  5. Sunset Quad Biking Tour or Super Jeep Safari Trip.
  6. Parasailing or Horse Riding.
  7. Sindbad Submarine Tour or Royal Seascope Submarine Cruise.
  8. Grand Aquarium Tour or Makadi Water World.

If you want to know the details Ancient Egypt Facts and secrets of the civilization of the Pharaohs, how it began and a full explanation of the drawings and engravings of the Pharaohs on the walls, we provide you with a tour guide specialized in Egyptology and the history of the civilization of ancient Egypt to answer all the questions that concern your mind and add valuable information for you, the children and the family.

Visit Karnak Temple Complex

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The Karnak Temples complex tour begins with watching a small model of all the ancient temples inside, then entering and starting to watch the rams on both sides of the road. The guide explains to you all the drawings, engravings and statues that exist inside the Karnak Temple.

Inside the Karnak temple complex, you will see The sacred lake, The Temple of Ptah, Festival Hall of Thutmose III, Temple of Mut, Temple of Khonsu, The Funerary Temple Of King Thutmose III, The White Chapel and discover details of the lives of the ancient Egyptian pharaohs King Ramses III, King Thutmose III, King Ramses II.

You can take pictures with your mobile phone or camera freely without additional fees.

by Luxor Day Trip from Soma Bay you will know more about Religious life in ancient Egypt, Architecture in ancient Egypt, The Art of Painting in Ancient Egypt, Ancient Egyptian clothing.

Ride the boat on Nile River

A 5-minute tour by wooden boat in the waters of the Nile River to move from the eastern to the western mainland in the city of Luxor.

The guide will offer you a 35-minute tour to Banana Island “you have the choice to go to the island, extra cost”.

Visit the Colossi of Memnon

The archaeological landmark without entry tickets, and the tour lasts for 5-10 minutes to get to know the statue of Memnon and how it was built, and take pictures next to it freely with your mobile phone or camera.

Program Description:

You can choose the time that suits you in the morning or afternoon.

08:00 A.M

Pick up from Your Soma bay Hotel.

Time between Your Hotel in Soma bay to Hurghada = 50 min.

09:00 A.M to 13:00 P.M.

Start Sightseeing Day Trip.

Discover the wonderful landmarks of the city of Hurghada, starting from Felfela Hill, then Sheraton Street, the famous Sherry Street, then Sakkala Square, then strolling in the new Hurghada Marina, then watching the famous fish market “The Fish Circle” and watching fishermen, wooden boats and many types of Red Sea Fish, then entering the Great Harbor Mosque and photographing the mosque From inside and outside, then go to the Dahar area and see the popular neighborhoods there and the old streets.

13:15 A.M

Start to Return to Soma bay Hotel.

Why choose Hurghada Excursions Lovers to book a Hurghada city tour with us?

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  1. We provide you with comfortable modern Private Cars and air-conditioned tourist minibuses, to be with you throughout the trip at your service.
  2. We provide you with the freedom to choose the program, in addition to free time to walk in the Sheraton Street or the Marina and eat in restaurants without being restricted to a return time.
  3. We provide you with a professional driver and expert in the most important tourist places in Hurghada, and an assistant for you throughout the trip.
  4. We provide you with a Tour Guide, if desired, to provide a guide to explain the details and history of the tourist places in Hurghada.
  5. Follow-up online until back to your hotel in Soma Bay or Safaga.
  6. Our goal is your comfort and enjoyment of the historical areas, streets and squares of the city.


  • Hurghada Al Mina Mosque
  • Hurghada Church
  • Hurghada Marina New
  • Felfela area in the plateau
  • Sheraton Street
  • Saqala Square
  • Dahar.
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