To Olbia by Private Jet: is it Expensive?

Do you want a quiet and relaxing holiday on the Italian coast, for example, in Olbia? A great desire, but a good vacation should not be overshadowed by the inconvenience of traveling to it in an uncomfortable transport. Therefore, many people choose private jet Olbia. Is it expensive? Let’s figure it out.

The most popular myth: space high cost

To be ironic, we can say that the prices for private flights are not cosmic, but just sky-high, and this is quite logical. First of all, you must understand that the aircraft is indeed very expensive to operate, so do not think that the money spent on an individual flight will go into the pocket of the aircraft owner. No, they will go in different directions, namely to pay for: maintenance and cleaning, a thorough safety check immediately before departure and during the downtime of the vessel, crew work, fuel, storage in the hangar, stay at the airport, taxes, and more – all additional services you order.

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As a result, the price, indeed, will be very high. However, it is considered a common misconception that there is no way to save money on an individual flight. It is very possible, and now we will tell you how.

Empty Legs

First of all, there is the wonderful Empty Legs system, which many have never even heard of. It allows you to save up to 75% of the cost of a private flight, and this is by no means a publicity stunt. The essence of the “trick” is this: you order a plane that makes an emergency flight in a certain direction – empty. The reasons why can this be different: someone booked a one-way flight only or a passenger plane delivered some cargo, or maybe sick people to the place of treatment, and now it is returning “home”, having fulfilled its mission.

In a word, there are a great many situations, and in this case it does not matter at all why the aircraft makes the flight empty. It’s important to take advantage of this and fly a private jet for a price that can be comparable to an economy class seat or less than a business class seat on a scheduled flight!

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Calculate the cost of aircraft rental online

To do this, simply contact a company that provides private jet rental services. You will see the direction, and the date, and the model of the aircraft, all that remains is to be amazed at the price, which will be many times lower than usual, and place an order as soon as possible. If you have any questions, or something is not clear, you can contact the company manager directly online or by phone and discuss all the nuances of your trip.

All that is needed for your comfort is just to choose the right time, calculate the cost and fly comfortably with private jet uk to the best resorts, the memory of which will remain with you for a lifetime.

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