How to Turn a Hobby into a Career 

Have you also been thinking about how to turn your hobby into a career? You may not know where to start. Don’t worry; this guide presents several hobby options that can make you good money. Read on. 

5 Ways to Convert Your Hobby into Money

Below are five hobbies that you can turn into a fulfilling career.

Earn with your design skills

This is a good side hustle that can also become your full-time career. For instance, the print-on-demand t-shirt business is currently selling like hotcakes. Merch, owned by Amazon, powers this printing project.

You simply upload a design of yours. Set a price. Leave the rest to Amazon. Each time someone orders your design, it will be printed and shipped to the customer.

Did you know that some entrepreneurs make more than $60,000 annually by uploading thousands of designs? Yes, it’s that lucrative! Even if you can earn between $60 and $200 every month, that’s a nice passive income.

Furniture Refinishing

It is another fantastic hobby that can be converted into a promising career. You can refinish old furniture and earn good money from just that. A good side hustle is also flipping furniture on the Facebook marketplace. It is trendy, and people spend between $100 and $200 per item.


Urban and sustainable agriculture are two of the most popular types of agriculture and farming. There are several niches here. Growing and selling microgreens is now a serious business. Microgreens are edible plants that are very rich in nutrients. It can be done locally, too.

Microgreens, for instance, can be sold to local restaurants, at a farmer’s market, and for home delivery. This hobby can earn you up to $1,000 monthly. Teaching others what you know about gardening can also make you more money.

Taking pictures

You can also be paid to take pictures. Do you enjoy capturing beautiful moments? How about taking pictures for the fun of it? You can build a lucrative career from these hobbies. Yes, you can make good money with photography. 

Today, there are many ways to get pictures. You can begin by working with friends and family on different occasions, such as newborn photos, weddings, and graduations. Build a portfolio. Soon, your client base will expand as you gain more experience. 

Do grocery shopping for others

Do you enjoy grocery shopping? This hobby can make you good money. You can become a shopper at Instacart. Here, shoppers are paid between $10 and $15 per hour to deliver groceries. 

If you go full-time, you simply get orders from customers. Then you’ll find and pay for those items. Finally, deliver the items to the home of the customer. Depending on the order size, you’ll also be paid a commission. Some customers will likewise offer you tips.


Your current hobby can be turned into a career, especially if the demand for it is high. Apart from directly offering it as a service, you can make money by teaching others about your hobby. Finally, click here to learn more on how to earn from your hobby.

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