Vital Components of Anti-Wrinkle Cosmetics

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Everyone strives to look young and cool in the middle age and further. That’s why people use special cosmetics. What active components in anti-wrinkle products should you pay attention to and why?

Vitamin C

Ascorbic acid or vitamin C is an essential antioxidant for youthful and beautiful skin. Vitamin C in Penebella New Lift & Firm Anti Aging Face & Neck Cream stimulates synthesis of collagen, prevents the skin from premature aging, evens out tone (fights wrinkles, age spots and post-acne marks) and facial relief. Vitamin C is UV-sensitive, so always use a sunscreen with SPF along with it.

Vitamin E

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Vitamin E or tocopherol is an antioxidant, without which the skin becomes dull, its turgor and moisture decrease. Tocopherol resists free radicals, stops premature aging, accelerates the healing of damage, strengthens the hydrolipid mantle.

Hyaluronic acid

High-molecular hyaluronic acid for face in Firming & Lifting Anti-Wrinkle Facial Day & Night Skin Care Complex with Hyaluronic Acid acts directly on the surface of the epidermis, creates a film on it that retains water, softens dead cells, reduces skin flaking, and restores water balance.


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Niacinamide (nicotinic acid) is a form of water-soluble vitamin B3. Stops age spots formation, reduces hypersensitivity and lowers chronic micro-inflammation, which is one of the causes of skin aging.


Anti-Aging Retinol Alternative Cream is responsible for the accelerated regeneration of epidermal cells, improves skin tone, texture and relief, helps fight premature wrinkles and dryness, increases skin turgor, brightens age spots, fights photoaging.


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These components in anti-aging formula accelerate skin cells restoration, help synthesis of collagen and correction of visible fading signs: reduced turgor, wrinkles, and skin tone.


Caffeine tonifies skin, helps to reduce visual puffiness. Always used in Penebella New Anti Aging Eye Cream to get rid of dark circles and swelling around the eye contour area.

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