Artificial Grass Care

Manufacturers guarantee the service life of artificial lawns from 10 to 15 years. But in order for Artificial grass for lawn transformation to become a really profitable long-term investment, several conditions must be met.

First, it is necessary to choose the right lawn by determining the purpose for which it is intended, for example, Artificial grass for lawn reconditioning, and choosing reliable manufacturers.

Secondly, to make a high-quality installation of Artificial grass for lawn renewal.

Well, the third point is regular and proper care of artificial grass, so that you have to do as little as possible to lay the Artificial grass for lawn revitalize. What is it?

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How to take care of an artificial lawn?

Taking care of an Artificial grass for lawn remake is not difficult, but there are some points that you need to pay attention to.

If a backfill of quartz sand and rubber granulate was used when laying the coating, then care for it will be as follows:

  • Monitor the level of backfill. To do this, you need to have backfill material in stock and, if necessary, add it to those areas where its level is lower than recommended by the manufacturer. This will allow Artificial grass for lawn resuscitation to be kept in good condition. Bags with filling during storage must be hermetically packed.
  • Periodically (approximately every 30 hours of intense exercise) it is necessary to decompress the backfill and comb the Artificial grass for lawn facelift. You can do this with a rake and a shovel, but it is better to use specialized equipment.
  • The edge of Artificial grass for lawn upgrade must be cleaned from the fallen earth and weeded from the weeds that have appeared.
  • Leaves and debris should be regularly removed from the surface of the Artificial grass for lawn update. At the same time, sharp objects, such as stones or glass fragments, should be removed immediately.
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In the event that the Artificial grass for lawn reconstruction is not filled in, then caring for it is even easier. It consists in cleaning the lawn from large debris and periodic washing with water.

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