How to Store Shoes: Practical Life Hacks

These methods will help to organize a neat and convenient storage of shoes, even in the most limited space.

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There are never many favourite shoes — and the question regularly arises how to store them. Experts have tips and life hacks on shoe storage that will help you organize everything neatly and compactly.

Storing shoes in a pouf

You can find a SONGMICS pouf with a drawer inside, which is very convenient in the hallway: you can sit on it, putting on your shoes and taking off your shoes. The drawer can also be used to store shoes. To prevent shoes and shoes from lying in a pile, divide the drawer into suitable sized cells.

Shoe shelves

From wooden boxes in a niche in the hallway or dressing room, you can organize an entire shoe storage system. It is better to sand and paint or varnish the boxes for durability.

You can also find a suitable shoe cabinet storage if you do not have such drawers.

Storing shoes in boxes on wheels

close photo of drawer
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Drawers on wheels are convenient to use in the hallway, for example, by placing them under a long bench. They can be made from ordinary wooden boxes made of slats. The drawers need to be painted, and the wheels should be screwed to the bottom: with their help, homemade shelves will be easy to pull out.

Storing shoes in the bookcase

If you really have a lot of model shoes and have a dressing room, you can use a bookcase to store shoes. Add limiters to the shelves to make it more convenient.

Shoe cabinet made of PVC pipes

Perhaps this is not the most glamorous design solution, but it is inexpensive and practical. A locker made of sliced pieces of large—diameter PVC pipe can be made of any size – so that all shoes fit there.

These are just some ideas that will help you organize the storage of your shoes.

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