How Do You Imagine Your Luxury Housing

The main idea of the luxury style design is to make the homeowner feel chosen. And for this it is not necessary to fill the house “to the brim” with museum antiques and expensive works of art. There are more practical solutions that will form the atmosphere of a bohemian dolce vita without the effect of bad taste and kitsch. Luxury home renovation Toronto professionals will help you in this sphere.

Main features

It is possible to highlight the general principles of the best interiors of apartments and mansions.

Image by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels
  • Individual project

The fundamental difference of premium residential real estate is a personal, non–standard approach to the development of external and internal design, orientation to the requests of a particular customer.

  • Spacious rooms

Spacious rooms are the basis of elite interior design. They make it possible to arrange all the desired furniture and leave much free space.

  • Additional rooms

This includes home cinemas, fireplace rooms, bars, full-fledged SPA complexes, winter gardens, libraries, gyms. The set of such zones is determined on an individual basis.

  • High-quality finish

The high cost of elite repairs is associated with the use of premium finishing materials: natural wood and stone, collectible ceramic tiles, fabric wallpaper, crystal.

  • Diverse lighting

The whole arsenal of tools and techniques is used in expensive design to solve practical and decorative tasks: cornice, niche, stained glass, floor lighting, light panels, illumination of stairs.

Image by Max Vakhtbovych from Pexels
  • Technological filling

Projects are implementing the “smart home” system.

  • Furniture

Beautiful and expensive furniture is the key to the successful implementation of an exclusive design. Furniture for projects is made to order according to the author’s sketches or purchased from premium collections of manufacturers.

Creating an elite interior design, Custom Home builders Toronto develop an author’s project. They take on ambitious ideas and bring them to their logical conclusion. Real experience allows them to anticipate challenges even at the design stage, which saves time, effort and budget.

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