Beauty Tips for The Bride

You are gearing up for your wedding events, such as the engagement party, a bachelorette party, etc. It is time to look your best, as the center of attention to these events, so why not use the latest beauty trends to help you glow.

Do you want a dramatic look or simple elegance? Either look needs some of the same basic items. Find a foundation that matches your skin tone. Apply a small amount to your jawline to make sure the color of foundation matches your face and your neck. Primer is also necessary to use before you apply your foundation and your eye makeup. It will make your makeup last longer and keep your look lasting throughout your wedding event. Use any primer, CC cream or BB cream, whichever best fits your skin.

If you want a wedding glow get a spray tan before your wedding. If it is your first time spray tanning, give it a try about three weeks before your event so that your color can be matched perfectly and to make sure the spray tan is exactly as you would like it. One you decide to use a spray tan for your event then schedule your final spray tan three days before your event. If you don’t plan on getting a full body tan you can use some bronzer to get a glow on your face. Don’t use too much, a small amount of bronzer goes a long way.

Let’s face it, one of your worst nightmares is to have pimples the day of any big event especially events that involve numerous pictures being taken. If you happen to have any pimples on your face a quick fix to dry it out is to apply toothpaste directly on the pimple.

natural look
Image by Stephanie Englmann from Pixabay

If you are going for a natural look, there is not much to do. Apply your primer to your face and eyes then apply your eyeshadows. It is best to do your eyeshadows first because it falls on your face and it is easier to clean up. Use eyeshadows and eye liners that are neutral to keep the natural look. Then comes my favorite part; apply waterproof mascara to your eyelashes, both top and bottom, it really brings out your eyes. Then add foundation to your face and add concealer under both eyes. Bring in your bronzer and add it to your forehead, nose, chin, neck and a little under your cheekbone to bring structure to your cheeks. Pick a blush that isn’t too pink and apply it to your cheeks. You are basically done with all of your makeup, but don’t forget those lips. No face is complete without lipstick or lipgloss. A natural lip color continues to embrace the natural look you are going for, but it can be fun to add a bit of pop to a natural look and the lips are where it should be done. A red or a brighter pink can actually brighten up your look while still keeping it natural.

If you are looking to have a more dramatic look, use eyeshadows that are bold and contour the face. Below are a couple of ways to apply your eyeshadow and to contour the face. Remember to do your eyeshadow first and then do your contouring after you apply your foundation.

These are some simple, but effective beauty tips to keep in mind when any of your wedding events come up. You are the main attraction and as so you should look your best for your showers, parties, and of course, your wedding day. You might think that you can’t recreate these looks, but if you practice them they kinks will work themselves out. If you are looking to buy new beauty products always consult with a specialist at the counter. They can help you pick the colors that fit you best and they can even show you tricks to create the look you are gong for.

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