Bridesmaid Dresses!

I think the biggest concern among bridesmaids is that they will be forced to wear a hideous dress on the day of their friend’s wedding. For the sake of looking back at your wedding photos years from now, be sure to consider the following things when searching for the perfect bridesmaid dresses.

Be sure to take into consideration each one of your bridesmaid’s body types. As women are quite aware of, we all have very different body shapes, sizes, and proportions and those aspects can really alter the look of a dress. One dress may look fabulous on one bridesmaid but may not suit another bridesmaid as well. If you come to the point where you can’t find one dress that will work for everyone, think about choosing different dresses but with the same color so the dresses still look like they go together.

It’s also best to listen to all of your bridesmaid’s opinions on the dresses they try on. Not only will you receive second opinions, but you will also get a sense of whether the dress will make them feel confident enough to stand in front of everyone during the ceremony.

With those things being said, the most important thing is that in the end you’re the person who decides which dress is the best for your wedding. Ultimately, it’s your money, your taste in fashion, and your big day so your friends should be willing to respect your wishes.

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